We had friends for dinner

Lovely weekend – Friday, we had friends round for dinner. (always makes me laugh that phrase) To clarify, we ate a Spanish pork casserole that I cooked with Saffron rice, in the company of some friends. This turned into quite a late one, so by Saturday, after a bimble through town with the kids, we were fighting fit for nowt but chilling. Eirene popped out to a birthday bash for a bit on the Evening. I plugged into BBC’s fantastic iPlayer and watched some telly. How decadent of me. (We’ve not had a proper telly feed into the house now for about a year).
Sunday – I cleaned out the fish tank (even though ‘dirty’ is a more natural habitat for carp descendants I, perhaps incorrectly muse) followed by a cracking round of disk golf. The weather was near perfection, I got round in 36, my partner equalled the course record of 23 with a series of incredible back to back to back birdies (Tiger Woods ’07 reference there, just in case you were wondering). So that brings us up to Sunday afternoon where we went for an ace walk over Kexgill Moors. More on this in a subsequent blog.

Now it’s Monday and again, I feel I’ve not had quite enough weekend. Still – got a few great things to look forward to in the not to distant future!

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