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Big Nothing indeed. I’ve been a big fan of the Simon Pegg’s work for years now. It’s the first thing I’ve seen with him in that I’ve not liked. It seems that he’s got a natural gravitation to all things good (or perhaps it’s the other way round). In the late 90’s he was in the cult classics, ‘Spaced’ and ‘Big Train’. Later, he was involved with ‘Brass Eye’ and ‘Look Around You’. All 4 of the above titles – inventive comedy genius.

His opening blockbuster gambit into the large screen, Shaun of the Dead will go down in film history as iconographic film comedy. So with all that, and the other film I’ve seen him in that I loved; ‘Hot Fuzz’ under his belt, I was quietly confident with my DVD selection for last nights entertainment and perusal.

The first things I disliked was Pegg, in an American accent. The second things I disliked was Pegg, in an American accent. Some really dumbed down and obvious office humour at the start of the film got me thinking.. when are the really funny bits going to start?

It seems a very.. American mainstream styled film. Perhaps that’s the big difference – Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, had a very British feel to them. They seemed to have people with a passion for comedy working on them. ‘Big Nothing’ seemed all together more commercial (as is an American commercial film’s lot in life) I didn’t pick up on a vast amount of passion for comedy. Is it perhaps the case that like in the music industry, an artists who’s trying to ‘break’ America has to appeal a bit more the American mainstream sentiments and sensibilities? (ie, mainstream it up a bit, tone down the black comedy side of it a bit – oh and perhaps try for an American accent.. they understand you that way ).. wheel in x 1 David Schwimmer from Friends fame and I think you’re onto something.

All in all this film had an OK plot, nothing special about it.. it was definitely more ‘Friends’ tries to go dark than a classic Pegg film. the best bit of the DVD was in the extra’s when Pegg explained why the remastered StarWars is inferior to the original. Brilliant, and I agree with his every word on that point.

I’m really hoping, it’s a blip as He’s currently filming in the new Star Trek film – he’s going to play non other than Montgomery Scott.

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