Mister Pip

Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones.

I’m very fond of a book that takes you to a different place. The book itself is set in Bougainville (map) in the North Solomons (pics) a lush tropical island on the other side of the world from the cold coat of winter in the UK. A magnificent thing about this book is it’s use of another book – Great Expectation by Charles Dickens (no secret if you’ve read it – hence the Mr Pip title). A whole new world is opened up in front of a class of island kids who’s only book is the affor mentioned. Imagine finding out about things like ‘frosty morning’ and ‘The Metropolis’ with its cold stone streets and ‘the soaring ambition buildings’ when you’re 13 years of life so far had never encountered anything remotely comparable.
A book about how characters migrate and adapt. A book about possessions, material and personal. I very clever and engaging read.

I’ve had a really lucky run on books recently – the last load that I’ve read have inspired me. I really hope my good book luck continues!

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