Adventure Eve

So yea – it’s Adventure eve. All sorted (well, cameras on charge, clothes nearly dried) and conceptually packed. Theoretically, almost ready to go.

A good few days since last bloggage. I’ve experienced proper job satisfaction for the first time in ages. I’ve been really getting into and enjoying work. I’ve had a good man leave my work about a week ago. He was a really handy bloke to have around. A misunderstood genius. Anyhoo, I’ve taken a few of his jobs on. Hands on development type stuff. It seems like ages since I’ve done any real waz it up the web stuff. I’ve got Mr Tofu starting as my wingman again in a week or so. Looking forward to that. Always a safe pair of hands. La.

Been presented with one of them ‘big decisions’ relating to work. One of the path splits of life. One path – the risk, the unknown, the great blue yonder, the who knows where I’ll be in 6 months route, the other, a steady but good, challenging and rewarding ‘nice little earner’ do I go for the freelance swashbuckler approach, or the craftsman in his workshop option… ? hoping the decision makes itself. It may already of done that.

As mentioned earlier.. some pics I took when we were at Whitby last weekend. A lovely afternoon was had by all.

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