So I’ve chucked up a bunch of photos from our short visit to Barcelona. Stripped down to 42 in total out of, as I mentioned earlier, zillions.

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What an incredible place it is. The archetecture and design blew me away the most. Loved the city so much. We were so lucky with our digs (a superb Attico flat), the weather (which according to one temperature gauge at around 5.30 pm was 22C, and the food – two doors down from our flat we had a reasonably priced, very nice, very friendly tapas bar that we spent both evenings leasurly picking at the delights on offer. Highlights would definatly be seeing the Sagrada Familia – one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in my life and Park Guell, where we heard a guy playing the Santur, which is a really enchanting instrument -perfect for the setting of the park. We eneded up down by the marina at the end of the day as a wierd fog bank rolled in, and listend to an outdoor gig by an 8 piece accoustic, doing (amongst other things) Buena Vista Social Club covers (another highlight for me!). Great place.

Also – I’ve added the obligatory Adventure T-Shirts shot to the gallery

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