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366 days page 5

366 days page 5, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Nearly at the half year point with my ‘photo a day for a year’ project. Here is ‘page 5’ – days 145 to and including day here to visit the set A large chunk of activity. This weeks been work driven stress land and a night out last night. Off to… Read more →

Good Friday

Good Friday, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. This was such a lovely moment. You can say what you like about religion, we all have our own views – but Faith – now there’s a thing. I was in Otley first thing (seemed to be the only place in the Northern Hemisphere that had a stockist for some paper I needed) –… Read more →

The Lost City

The Lost City by Henry Shukman Racing through Liverpool airport recently (on route to Barcelona) with not much time to spare and a notion to score me a new book I spotted this gem (I say gem, because it had a very metallic cover – I’ve always been a big believer in judging a book, by it’s cover). A wonderful… Read more →

No DragonDrop

It’s been strange having no DragonDrop. I guess that’s how normal people feel. Now it’s back up, and (touch wood) working I can type stuff at it again. Been a fun packed week or so. Last weekend was fairly chilled, punctuated with a night at a friends house watching the cricket (Eng v NZ second test). Been working on a… Read more →

Server not found

Server not found, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. It seems that it’s back up now. I’m flat out at work and home – Newby Hall this weekend.


Site outage – You may be one of the many people who let me know that DragonDrop was down. A problems with the DNS according to my technical cousin who looks after these things. More actual real bloggage, soon.


Important press release from Timewatch – if you care about Thornborough, or preserving the heritage of this very important site ACT NOW – details within this press release.


Day 165 – Fry up, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. This weekend involved a lot of stopping in. On Wednesday, Jaygo went in to hospital for a minor operation on a cisty type thing on his neck. This turned into quite an epic hospital visit as it was discovered that he had pneumonia poor little mite. He seems a load better… Read more →

no title

So last night I had a friend/colleague over from work – we (Eirene, he and I) went out for eats at the Harrogate’s new sushi restaurant – Akira on Kings Road. Very pleasantly surprised. It’s got the YoSushi! style conveyor belt where the chef stands behind, creating little masterpieces of Japanese cuisine, who then pops them on colour coded plates… Read more →

Han Solodad

Fairly quiet weekend. Was solo dad for most of Saturday. I quite like being solo dad even though it’s quite hard work (Hat’s off to Eirene who does it loads). Sophie is a little poppet when I’m solo dad (she often acts scared of the hairy one when Eirene is around) Joined one of those unlimited DVD deals through Blockbusters…. Read more →