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Fairly quiet weekend. Was solo dad for most of Saturday. I quite like being solo dad even though it’s quite hard work (Hat’s off to Eirene who does it loads). Sophie is a little poppet when I’m solo dad (she often acts scared of the hairy one when Eirene is around)

Joined one of those unlimited DVD deals through Blockbusters. For a reasonable set price per month, you have 3 DVD’s in hand, when you’ve watched one, you post it back in the pre paid envelope and they send you more DVD’s from you list that you build online. So far it’s been superb (apart from the fact they sent me the wrong DVD : 28 weeks later instead of 28 days later) So on Saturday night, I had some friends round and we watched 28 weeks later. Quite good – Not as good as the 28 days later film, according to people there who’d seen both. Never the less, I quite liked it.

Sunday we went up to the shed. Took some photos which you can see by clicking these words. We were discussing the 2008 Newby Hall Easter Funday which I’ve been involved with the organisation of for the past few years. It’s got some great new stuff happening this year. More news on this to follow.

Watched a film Monday – The Wedding Crashers. Bit of an American Four Weddings and a Funeral. Quite amusing, but of a cheese fest though.

Last night, went round to a friends house to watch the first bit of the cricket. Good first day of the New Zealand first test for England.

Today at work has been quite exciting. We’ve had delivery of a new application for building websites that we’ve been waiting for / planning for nearly a year.

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