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So last night I had a friend/colleague over from work – we (Eirene, he and I) went out for eats at the Harrogate’s new sushi restaurant – Akira on Kings Road. Very pleasantly surprised. It’s got the YoSushi! style conveyor belt where the chef stands behind, creating little masterpieces of Japanese cuisine, who then pops them on colour coded plates on the belt. (each colour equals a different price). I personally don’t know much about sushi, but the friendly staff were happy to explain what things were. We had a bunch of stuff from the belt – all great, and a couple of hot things from the menu. There was a guy who came in with his partner who was chatting to chef – who obviously knew his way round sushi chat. He was asking for specialities which the chef created there and then – fascinating to watch. Chef knows what he’s doing, overheard some of his training resume that he reeled off to said sushi chatterer. I’d totally recommend it; reasonably priced, great instant food with a range of premium Asian beers. Someone asked me to put phone numbers of restaurants I mention (as Harrogate + restaurant name seems to place DragonDrop quite high in google) so here it is : Akira Sushi, Harrogate : 01423 529888.

After that we had time to watch the second set of an Aussy chap called Darrin, at the Blues Bar. No worries music. A lovely Wednesday evening.

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