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This weekend involved a lot of stopping in. On Wednesday, Jaygo went in to hospital for a minor operation on a cisty type thing on his neck. This turned into quite an epic hospital visit as it was discovered that he had pneumonia poor little mite. He seems a load better already though and is on the mend.

Watched The Number 23 with Jim not so scarry Carrey on Thursday night, (whilst waiting for Jay and Eirene to get back from LGI) with my good friend the paintMonkey. Now, a few years ago before any of the mainstream hype about the number 23 broke, myself and a few others were obsessed with the number. We heard of other pockets of people, independantly obsessed with it. Everywhere I looked there it was. 23 minutes past the hour, that sort of thing. It’s an incredible number when you look into it. So back to the film – it went OOH YEA > Cool > oh > hmm > meh.

On Friday night, Eirene and I watched Run Fat Boy Run. Now I’d blogged a week or two ago at the (in my humble opinion) terrible state of Simon Pegg’s “Big Nothing” film. I needed to get over the fact that Pegg made a wrong un. Stat. This film did the trick. A really funny film. Superb characters and some surprising, often cameo star appearances. The premise and plot were, at times a bit predictable, but that didn’t seem to matter. A feel good comedy. Even if it was directed by David Schwimmer, the DragonDrop two thumbs fresh non winner.

Saturday, Chillaxing, punctuated with a ten piece breakfast ensemble (pictured above) – NB I’d forgotten to place bacon, prior to snapping said photo. Of the Evening, we went round for a play at friends on Saturday night. They have PS3 – first try – it’s ace. Cant remember any of the games we played but there was this one where you are a microscopic creature underwater.. it was good anyway.

Sunday – proper, unadulterated chillaxing.

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    Lovely spread of food there, funny you watched run fat boy run at same time…

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