No DragonDrop

It’s been strange having no DragonDrop. I guess that’s how normal people feel.

Now it’s back up, and (touch wood) working I can type stuff at it again. Been a fun packed week or so. Last weekend was fairly chilled, punctuated with a night at a friends house watching the cricket (Eng v NZ second test). Been working on a project for Newby Hall which I’m calling ‘The TELEPROJER’ until I or someone thinks of a better title. Basically, it’s a board with two face shaped holes cut into it. A projector is positioned 3m 36cm away, pointing an image at said board, with white disks where the face shaped holes are. Insert two people’s faces. Project an image that makes them look like they are in a scene (so far I’ve got Space, Pirates, Acid Smiley face, Laurel and Hardy to name but a few) – then take a photo of them with projected background, then print this out onto a postcard, frank it, and give it to the face owners to write it out and stick in the letter box provided.

Not happy about the ‘heavy snow’ currently forecast for Sunday. Ahh well – fingers crossed it’s not as bad as all that.

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