The Lost City

The Lost City by Henry Shukman

Racing through Liverpool airport recently (on route to Barcelona) with not much time to spare and a notion to score me a new book I spotted this gem (I say gem, because it had a very metallic cover – I’ve always been a big believer in judging a book, by it’s cover).

A wonderful story and pace to this read. The plot felt a little over contrived at times and the style often basic, which as an upside made it a very quick and easy read. As a reading experience goes, it reminded me of The Celestian Prophecy, (James Redfield) in the way that a./ a lot of it is set in the Jungle b./ The author offloads some life wisdom tips on you.

A good read though, challenging the boundaries of human survival, a scratch beneath the surface of the higher echelons of the cocaine growing industry in South America, and it’s a fantastic portrait of a country that’s all ways fascinated me – Chile. It’s climates, it’s contrasts, it’s people and it’s places.

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