Winning on the nags

I won on the Grand National today! A tip from a mate who works at SkyBet led me to have a small fultter – I put £6 on “Comply Or Die” at 10-1 each way and it went and won! £43.50 return. Sweet.
Went to Shipley Glen today. Nice little walk. Had a wander into Saltaire as well. Wasnt really in the mood for being inside after being outside if you know what I mean. Sat and watched the national on my phone.

Had a hectic week. The project I’m working on has had a couple of delays (as all good projects should) and now were under pressure to claw back some lost time. The frustration verses job satisfaction ratio is a bit out of kilter, hoping to get it back on track soon though.

Well – I’m off to put the wee’ns to bed now I think. I am inexplicably tired now m’self. Chill night I think.

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