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It’s been a life changing week for me. I’ve been feeling the winds of change for some time now, this week, they blew. I mentioned in a blog some time ago that I was presented with a path split. I decided to go with the full time job. It started a fair bit sooner than expected and quite suddenly – Wednesday morning I was called into a meeting where I was told that the powers that be felt that I could add more value in the new role – starting with imidiate effect. Within minutes I’d left my desk that I’d gotten used to over the last 2 years on the project I’ve been doing – a nice little office with huge windows, population 3 to 7 and moved into a huge open plan office – no widows and population 500+. Nice desk though and nice bunch of people around me. I’m taking it as a good thing – the department I’ve parachuted into needs a lot of work doing and sorting out and in a while, the platform I’ve been working on will be deployed into the department I’m in… so I’ll be there ready to catch it.

Other big things this week – Sophie’s second birthday. I am so glad I came back from Portugal on the Sunday night so I could be here to see her birthday morning. It was a lovely morning and she liked the dolly dolly I got her whilst away.

So blogging – I’ve been a bit of a slacker recently.

I’ve had this guilty feeling in the back of my head that I’m not paying my beloved DragonDrop the due care and attention it deserves of late. I’ve got a stack of Adventure Shirt shots to sort out and there are great swathes of info, places I’ve been, books I’ve read, things I’ve done etc. that I’ve not blogged. [note to self] Must try harder.

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