Absurdistan by Gary Shteyngart

The premise for this book is along the lines of an overweight Jewish Russian wanabe American called Misha Vainberg who happens to be the son of one of the richest men in Russia.

The brilliantly researched and presented story harks back to the might of the old Soviet oligarchy with some fascinating insights into the often corrupt underground core of the Communist power houses. The story also transports you to a beautiful portrayal of New York, particularly Brooklyn as well as the fictional country “Absurdistan” (which is based on many of the countries that fringe the Caspian Sea).

Oil, power, money (lots of it, and with it, decadence) love, sex, Jewishness, politics, corruption, war and music (Misha loves his gangasta rap). This book is funny. This book is a page turner. I ploughed through it in about 2 weeks – it proved to be a good travel companion. Plot and sub plot – a worthy read.

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