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overjoyed boys, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Pic – Felix & Jaygo celebrating our first trip out in Clover this year. Lots of “first time this year” activities today. YAY – We’ve got Clover back on’t road. She’s had the electrics sorted out and this morning (after a scrabble marathon last night with Eirene and Fi) I woke up inspired to… Read more →

Blind Faith

Blind Faith by Ben Elton I picked up this book from the exotic shores of the ASDA book isle. I was in a book doldrum after finishing a run of cracking titles, everything I picked up seemed to fall short. I decided to donate some of my downtime (of which there is less than I’d like to be these days)… Read more →

Bank Holiday

Lovely long Bank Holiday weekend. After a couple of beers on Friday, we headed back to ours and had a bit of a fire bin in the company of some lovely people. Saturday was a biggy. It was Bongo’s wedding at the Dower House in Knaresborough. So many old faces (well, some quite young, but old as in I’ve not… Read more →

Dragon Road car park fire

Dragon Road car park fire 1, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Last night Eirene and I had just settled down to watch an episode of Michael Palin’s Pacific Ring, when Felix came downstairs in a bit of a flap saying “Look out the window” Huge plumes of smoke were billowing from the truck park near my house (Dragon Road Car Park)…. Read more →

Settling in

New job is settling in well. I’m waking up in the mornings looking forward to my working day at the moment. That’s a good thing. Less time for blogging and dragondrop gardening in general though – I’ve still got a stack of shirt shots to go up.. So – Ireland was lovely. Chucked a few photos up on flickr. Got… Read more →

Thing found

Thing found, pebble beach, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Friday.. that was a funny old day! We set out with the intention of getting on the ferry to Dublin to visit relatives for the bank holiday weekend. Did I account for the massive volumes of extra traffic due to the bank holiday? No. How many minutes late? about 3. That was… Read more →