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Thing found, pebble beach, originally uploaded by DragonDrop.

Friday.. that was a funny old day! We set out with the intention of getting on the ferry to Dublin to visit relatives for the bank holiday weekend. Did I account for the massive volumes of extra traffic due to the bank holiday? No.

How many minutes late? about 3. That was annoying. But, with our “make a good situation out of a bad one” attitude we took stock and booked ourselves into a hotel (which serendipity lead us to) called The Boathouse. Quirky little place in a great setting just along the coast a mile or two from Holyhead. We went for a walk after checking in, as it was a glorious evening. Stumbled across this beach where we found this funny little head nestled amongst the rocks (pictured above). On the 4 maps I’ve looked on, this beach seems to have no name. (MSN, MultiMap, Google (flickr) and Ordinance Survey) Anyone mind if I call it pebble beach?

The lovely Irish Ferries transferred our ticket – no bother – to the crossing on the Swift the next day. Got into Dublin and went our for a meal with Eirene’s cousin in Renlrgh – a lovely cosmopolitan ‘burb of the fair city. Eirene’s cousins Fiancee is an actual film producer so that made for some really interesting chattage.

Today, we’re off to see more rellys then.. I dunno!

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