Settling in

New job is settling in well. I’m waking up in the mornings looking forward to my working day at the moment. That’s a good thing. Less time for blogging and dragondrop gardening in general though – I’ve still got a stack of shirt shots to go up..

So – Ireland was lovely. Chucked a few photos up on flickr. Got to sit around in the sun in a brace of back gardens with contentment abound. Got to see a few overs of cricket as well on the Sunday which was a bonus.

Weekend just gone involved some quality time with ‘just’ the 5 of us down by the River Wharfe nr Linton Falls, nr Grassington) where we splashed and crayfished (We threw them back this time, but Jaygo counted up our haul of 16), chilled and chatted. Saturday night we had our first fire bin of the year. Had a lovely collection of people round and the vibe was smashing. I awoke in the hammock, and fell into bed for a few hours, where I slept a bit and read the end of a FANTASTIC book – Callisto (I’ll blog it on it’s own, later.. it’s a doozie) before heading off the The River Nidd for another day of river fun. It was v.busy. Looking at all the various parties and disparate groups assembled (there was a couple of chavalanche instances nearby) I sat back and though – what a lucky chap I am to be part of this particular group of humans. Nice people. Happy people. Interesting people. (as opposed to our shouty sweary tracksuited neighbors).

Another top bonus was that there was a VW meeting – splitty buses, safari buses, oval bugs, baja bugs… it was car porn! Top fun. Finished off with Fish and Chips from Drakes (meh – Jenny’s was shut) and an episode of Doctor Who on DVD. Nice.

You may of noticed the new thing “Twitter Updates” on the right hand side of the site – tis a thing that we’re playing with. The idea is, you and friends sign up to it, and update it whenever with whatever.. you can ‘follow’ your friends and get free text messages when they update. I’ve been describing it as micro-blogging, paintMonkey associated it to something akin to Internet telepathy, which I liked. Anyhoo. I’m off.

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