Bank Holiday

Lovely long Bank Holiday weekend. After a couple of beers on Friday, we headed back to ours and had a bit of a fire bin in the company of some lovely people.

Saturday was a biggy. It was Bongo’s wedding at the Dower House in Knaresborough. So many old faces (well, some quite young, but old as in I’ve not seen them for a while.) Many a family in full representation. The Dyson’s the Pearson’s, (bar baby Ben who’s just gone to Australia) ,the Bleasdales, the Webbers… it made me think how our clutch is going to be attending weddings in a similar vein in a generation – people will associate them with each other. Anyhoo – lovely day, lovely service, lovely wedding breakfast then we drank ate and were merry. Stunbled out of there at about wrong o’clock and had a slight party back at ours.

Sunday = hangover. Felix was away at Keilder with cubs, Jaygo was with Nanty Neena and Sophie (she’s so lovely) was babysat on site. A big chill where I did loads of reading, was needed. I cooked a big spanish stew for 6 of us (we had two lovely couples round) followed by a bit of Michael Palin DVD watching.

Monday, we went to the Beckwithshaw Gala. Dogs + coconut shy type activity and a Bernie. Again lots of reading. Finished Ben Elton’s new book in pretty much the weekend. More on that to follow.

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