Blind Faith

Blind Faith by Ben Elton

I picked up this book from the exotic shores of the ASDA book isle. I was in a book doldrum after finishing a run of cracking titles, everything I picked up seemed to fall short.

I decided to donate some of my downtime (of which there is less than I’d like to be these days) to reading Ben Elton’s latest title. I’ve read two of his other books – one, set in history (The First Casualty , WWI), one set in modern day (High Society) and so it seemed a natural progression for me to read on set in the future – Blind Faith.

A very Orwellian 23rd century London that due to a flood, thanks to global warming has changed shape dramatically. New shorelines and water ways surrounding the “London Lake” are in absolute scrutiny with CCTV and documentation of every aspect of day-to-day life. An attitude shift that on the surface looks like organised Utopia, whereby everyone is devoted to the same God (and Dianna) yet underneath has some dark, dark secrets.

A very quick, easy and engaging read (as all his stuff tends to trend for me) – the only downside is that the geek in me would of liked to of seen more details about how some of the spectacular technological advancement has come about, how it looks and works. All in all, a good read.

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