Dragon Road car park fire

Dragon Road car park fire 1, originally uploaded by DragonDrop.

Last night Eirene and I had just settled down to watch an episode of Michael Palin’s Pacific Ring, when Felix came downstairs in a bit of a flap saying “Look out the window”

Huge plumes of smoke were billowing from the truck park near my house (Dragon Road Car Park). I quickly grabbed my camera and made it to the scene as the second fire engine pulled up.

I managed to stay inside the cordon area (The police pushed everyone else back, perhaps it was because I was wielding a camera..?) and get some great shots (I’ve put the best 3 on flickr)

The chap pictured here is Steve Jones from Colechester. He awoke at about 9pm in his cab to the sound and smells of a fire. He quickly bailed his truck (right) and watched his livelihood and possessions catch fire. (I nipped home and got him a flask of tea and a parka coat the good Samaritan that I am)

I’ve submitted this to the local papers via a freelance Journalist who arrived at the scene later…

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