Summer kick off

Superb BBQ party was had last night. I set up my timelapse camera to take a photo every 30 seconds from 4 till midnight. (Here is the result)

Smashing time was had by all.(For Ali’s birthday, for want of an excuse). Lovely food (even though I say so myself) and lovely people.

Cool week all round. From Thursday I went to this website usability workshop followed by a wine and port tasting evening at The Yorkshire Hotel. Dirk Niepoort – the chap that was talking, was referred to as “Mr Port” and “The Rockstar of the Port industry”. A worthy accolade now that I’ve met him and his produce! A fascinating talk, great wines and ports.

SO hungover the next day. Made it into work (you gotta pay to play) and went round to an old friends birthday gathering on Friday night. Got to play Grand Theft Auto IV. It’s OK… but hmm… not quite up to the hype in my humble opinion. The next day it was all systems go for the BBQ as depicted!

Now we’re settling into a lazy lazy Sunday in the hot back yard by the look of things.

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