Yorkshire v Lancashire in the t20

Went to see Yorkshire v Lancashire in the t20 cricket cup last night at Headingley. Stunning. That’s the best sporting event I think I’ve ever experienced in all my 34 years. What a game. I’ve heard the arguments over the years about “t20 will be the death of traditional cricket”. I’ve always been a fan or the purist version. the long game. The Tests. I’ve Always looked at the pajama clad counterpart as the anoying little brother of the game. But, armed with an open mind, I polled up and totally loved the spectacle.

t20 (‘twenty twenty’ – a 20 over each side game lasting only 3 hours) is now in command of millions of pounds, running a high profile and achieving global penetration even – America.(check out the Stanford Cup story about world sport domination and the like) I’ve generally err’d on the longer game side of the fence. I like the pace, the tranquillity and strategy of tests. The ebb and flow of it. It’s like the fishing of sports. t20 is more like cricket, minus the fisherman, replace with rockstar superstar DJ.

ANyhoo. I’m so glad I’ve got out of the office for the day. I did imbibe a half a shandy or two last night. ahem.

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