We decided to celebrate for the whole weekend

A fantastico lovely weekend. It was our 8th wedding anniversary yesterday and we decided to celebrate for the whole weekend. Friday night, armed with a bunch of flowers I pottered home to the idea of a nice chinese and a DVD (simple pleasures and all that).

Saturday – morning was a bit hectic and Jaygo attended a birthday party. In the afternoon we’d been invited to a bbq party for our friends birthday bash. The rain started an hour before it was due to start and finished an hour or so after. Not put off though we had a lovely time in an out of town house’s triple garage.. All the small humans were loving the action on the covered bouncy castle (until Jaygo threw up all over it (poss thanks to the sweets from party #1 and the excessive bouncy bouncy)) Still we didn’t let spirits dampen. Eirene and I were fortunate to have a paintMonkey offer to babysit so we could go out and party.

A lovely party – we hooked up with the bbq party for a night time birthday bash. It was the crowd that we went to Ibiza with last year (2nd June visit). Loads of people we havent seen for a while and a bunch of new faces. Multiple celebrations and happiness abound, leading into today which is chill-o-rama content.

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