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No phone sucks

It’s a proper bind not having a phone. Lost in on Saturday in a different country. Hope of having it returned is slipping. I’d had everything set up ‘just so’ on it and it was almost brand new (a Nokia N95 8GM less than 2 weeks old) This is how it must of been in the olden days.


NB : I’ve lost my phone. If you need to contact me, email matt(at) and I’ll get back to you – should be back up in a day or so. I’m back in blighty now – drove from Dublin this morning. Missing my lovelies loads already (they are stopping over in the Emerald Isle till Friday) Nice drive back. I… Read more →


Big Beach Sports for the wii gets an official two thumbs fresh. Since the wii came out I’ve been hankering after a cricket game for the wii. I’m not the olny one – there’s been forums and websites campaigning for cricket (wiiwantcricket are the most active campaigners) It’s got the best peripherals of any consol for this sport simulation. In… Read more →

no title

Bottled water is rubbish! A great man in the marketing world once told a chap I used to work for (also a great Marketeer) over dinner in New York that selling people water in bottles, is perhaps the most successful and brilliant pieces of marketing the world has ever seen. Who would have thought that something most of the western… Read more →

no title

Beatie Bomber, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. So we got a new set of wheels at the weekend. The Impreza had to go! I love this though. It’s a Volvo V40. Swede Speed. leather and woodness goodness inside, cruise control, air con, computer.. TOYS! I love it.

Rum and Ginger

Rum and Ginger, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. I’ve uploaded a bunch of photo’s I took at Thornborough Festival 2008. Have a look see by clicking this I’ve done a timelapse as well – having trouble uploading that.

T’bro 2008

Thornborough Festival 2008 was officially brilliant fun. Did it rain you ask? Yep – many differing types of rain which did scare a few off but it’s the busiest I’ve ever seen it and apart from a few bits and bobs, it all went swimmingly (If you’ll pardon the pun). I was secretly quite pleased about the rain as I… Read more →

T minus

So for those of you sat at work counting down the hours till you can get up to the Thornborough Festival site at Lime Tree Farm (like me!) I can report that it is all looking great. I was up there last night for a few hours. We’re in Blakes field (yellow and white marquee field) with the Kids Zone…. Read more →