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Thornborough Festival 2008 was officially brilliant fun. Did it rain you ask? Yep – many differing types of rain which did scare a few off but it’s the busiest I’ve ever seen it and apart from a few bits and bobs, it all went swimmingly (If you’ll pardon the pun). I was secretly quite pleased about the rain as I had acquired but not used a 70’s Trawlerman’s suit. And some wellys. I confronted some fears by going for a walk in a very very heavy thunderstorm at one point. That was brilliant. We did have two gorgeous late afternoons / evenings – which is the time I took loads of photos (to be uploaded very soon)

The stages we’re all really cool. The biggest main stage I’ve seen at Thornborough – all in a marquee. I heard this was run/set up/or something by the chaps from the lovely Thimbleberry festival. The homegrown stage was very nice also – didn’t spend that much time down there myself but heard great reports from other folks of stuff I’d missed. Spent most of my time at the Acoustic stage (as we were camped close and friend was running it). Saw some lovely music action there. Got to play a few times on various jams and bits and bobs.

Eirene’s Kids Zone went really well. Key focus was on craft type activity. Loads of stuff was made and drawn and stuck and cut and coloured and proudly presented to parents around the site.

All in all a lovely time. Great camp, lovely people, great community spirit I found. Thornborough is a highlight of my year for a number of reasons non less so than catching up with friends of which we’re so lucky to have so many amazing version of.

Just to wrap up for now – I just wanted to extend big thanks from Eirene for all the people who helped out at the Kids Zone tent.

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    just to echo your comments – a festy weekend full of fizz, fun, fire and fluffiness. Love you all! Dino has posted some of our pix on Flickr (thornborough 08) but alas, many came out too dark to bother with (ie band shots, when I was possibly a little over-excited….!) Moonie x

  2. little john
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    I agree wholeheartedly. Go on myspace and accept my friendship, you bugger. You might enjoy a brief visit! I have posted the Vickaroo game in my videos. Hurry hurry hurry with the Thorny B pictures! How’ve you beern?

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