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Bottled water is rubbish!

A great man in the marketing world once told a chap I used to work for (also a great Marketeer) over dinner in New York that selling people water in bottles, is perhaps the most successful and brilliant pieces of marketing the world has ever seen. Who would have thought that something most of the western world can get for free at the twist of a tap would end up being branded and priced? He then backed up this story with a question – What’s evian spelt backwards… ? I’ll leave you to work out the rest.

I’m seriously loving what this bunch have just done ( – twisted the whole bottled water thing on it’s head and they are selling Tap Water (or at least the brand collateral to make it sexy)

Seriously though, their main twist is about awareness. 2.7 million tons of plastic are used each year to bottle water (that’s 2.5% of the worlds oil consumption) Only 10% of plastic water bottles go to recycling – the rest to landfill. Terrible when you think that by almost half the worlds population will face severe water shortage by 2050.

1/4 of all bottled water is simply filtered tap water. Buying a kit from We Want Tap gives you stickers to re brand you existing bottles – genius. You also get a few other stickers and goodies – all for £6.50 inc postage of which 70% of the profit goes to funding water projects in the developing world. I’ve just coughed up. You should to! here’s the link :

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