Big Beach Sports for the wii gets an official two thumbs fresh. Since the wii came out I’ve been hankering after a cricket game for the wii. I’m not the olny one – there’s been forums and websites campaigning for cricket (wiiwantcricket are the most active campaigners) It’s got the best peripherals of any consol for this sport simulation. In summary, because America and Japan both ‘don’t get it’ with the cricket thing, (and them being the biggest wii marketplace) it’s not been taken up by anyone. BBS has 6 games – all pretty good, but I had bought this under the power of the cricket game. Admittedly, it’s a cartoonified, dumbed down version of the game, but that, plus a few friends and a few beers on Thursday night proved to be a proper good laugh. Still looking forward to something more serious though.. I’ve been tantilized with this. Something like Brian Lara’s cricket would port across beautifully (he said hintingly.. come on game producers, just look at the fan base for cricket in the UK, Australia, India etc – we’ve all got wii’s as well!)

Some of the other games are good on BBS – particularly like beach boules. Not a bad ‘party game’ – my kids didn’t massively get into it though. Anyway – well worth it’s budget title status.

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  1. Nick
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    As an option – you could use your Wiimote on your PC to play Brian Lara.

    If you’ve got a bluetooth dongle (or built-in bluetooth) on your PC, you can connect your Wiimote to it and use a bit of software to run the game.

    Not as good as a Wii version, but gets you there.

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