I heart satnav

I love Sat Nav. Some of the die hard map readers say it’s killing the age old art of reading maps and/or studying the land as a result. I say it opens up more doors and when used in combination with a paper map (for the bigger picture) you can do some tip top, grade A adventurising. Another bonus is that you can just plug in where you’re going and then sit back and enjoy the ride. Today’s mission was built for a sat nav adventure. It started with a trip to (near) Morpeth in the morning to a ‘pat pat’ farm (Whitehouse Farm Centre) where we met goats, sheeps, cows, snakes, rabbits, mice, chinchillas and a bunch of other soft and/or squishy animals. As well as that lot we saw some pigs – Kune Kune pigs are officially ace. Also ace were the 4 day old litter of piglings that we saw. (photos to follow)

After here we went on a massive tour drive – first stop – a top butchers in Belingham for some pies (and that). Then, up to Kielder (bagged a geocache), then to the Black Middens Bastle House English Heritage site which was ‘quite’ interesting… but not a high wow factor – would make a nice barn conversion 😉 followed by a drive through some spectacular open moorland landscapes in the South Cheviots.

A big slap up fish and chips for our tea from the 10/10 chippie in Wooler. Quite wiped now.

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