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Tomorrow – I’m playing at the following, at The Viper Rooms, Harrogate. Sounds like a top Harrogate night in the making! The venue where the mighty FIRE cut it’s teeth! (and a Sunday night to boot!)

Women Rock!
Line up… 6pm – 7pm Dj Dharma
7pm – 7.30pm Dave Dowson
7.30pm – 8.15pm – Lively Breakbeats from 601
8.15pm – 9pm – Thrash-a-billy punk metal ‘n’ roll from Stilletto Farm
9pm – 10pm – Experimental, progressive rock from Tunji
10pm – 10.40pm Dj Dharma, live beat box and rap.
10.45pm 11.40pm – 601 up the tempo!
11.45pm – 1pm – Electric Press, experimental digital dance music and dj duo.
Viper Rooms from 6pm Sunday 31st August

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