Newlyweds – double happiness

Newlyweds – double happiness, originally uploaded by DragonDrop.

My cousin Ian just got married to the lovely Fontaine. Pictured in the background – the ‘Double Happiness” symbol.

What a whirlwind adventure we all went on. After a good drive down to London on Friday morning, we headed in a taxi to the venue. Slap bang in the middle of London – actually in Trafalgar Square is “St. Martins in the Fields” church. A lovely service. It was rather strange coming out of the church right into Trafalgar Square. It was packed – they had a big screen up showing the Olympic opening ceremony from Beijing.

After a brief rest back at our hotel we headed out to another downtown location for the reception. This was in the “The Institute for Public Health” HQ, 28 Portland Place. A super nice meal followed (including the best beef I’ve tasted in ages). We were sat at table with two doctors and their little boy. I’d asked “have you ever been in a situation where someone has said “is there a doctor in the house?” minutes later, there was an actual ‘doctor in the house’ moment when I noticed a woman from the next table had passed out on the floor! poor lady. Lucky there was professional help at hand!

The next day was another treat – we were invited to a 10 course Chinese Banquet on “The Lotus” – a floating restaurant. Friends of the family I believe. In Docklands. This was fantastic. We ate and ate and ate. Then ate some more. Then drove home!

A lovely couple of days adventure.

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