A fun packed weekend we’ve just had

We went en masse to our friends cottage for a Birthday bash. This turned into a lovely rosy glow of an evening with great home grown food, sloshes of wine and beer and a furtle of guitar strummage.

Saturday morning allowed us the luxury of a mildly hung-over extended horizontal chill followed by a bimble into town with two old friends – one being the sun, the other being the not quite as old, Dave C. On the evening we went for a foray into what is Harrogate Town on a Saturday night. Went to Monteys for happy hour (packed as usual) followed by a mixture of the Blues bar and Katana bar (which was superb – not been there before – cracking venue)

Sunday involved a bit of sleeping followed by a pub lunch and a chill in the sun for a dear friends pork pie (what we call birthdays in our house now-a-days) for the afternoon over at the Red Lion at South Stainley. I used to frequent this establishment nearly every night when I was 18 for a while – playing pool. Since then it’s expanded to include a superb area for kids – one of those indoor adventure playgrounds with soft play and soft drinks bar – it’s also got a great outdoor area for the kids – much fun, really safe. Often this type of pub sacrifices it’s food quality a little when it goes down that route (I’ll not name names!) but not here – the Sunday Carvery Fayre was very nice indeed. Found a geo cache in the village (makes a trip out even more worthwhile!) before coming home and ploughing through half of a fantastic book I’m on with at the moment (The Death of Vishnu).

Today I’m back at work, having a quick brain dump break (the result of which is this blog) Went geocaching at lunch with a friend / colleague. Said friend happened to randomly pick up my geocoin which has now hitch hiked over to a geocache we visited called “OTT Lothersdale View”) Didn’t think I’d see that again so quick!

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