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Matt Spesh

The ‘Matt Spesh’ fry up is now officially world famous. Flickr staff used this as the lead photo for the flickr blog story this morning. Every flickr member (of which there are now over 25 million) who logged in between the hours of 0700 and 1800 (GMT) today will of seen my fry up pic on their flickr home page… Read more →

The moment of realisation

The moment of realisation, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Felix is 10! this was the very moment about 2 hours ago when he opened his main prezzy – an MP3 player. He’s a happy boy. 10 years old. Quite incredible to think back over the last 10 years. So much has happened and yet it dosent seem that long ago at… Read more →


Blogging is soo 2004 – according to this Wired article. As someone who’s been blogging from the embrionic days of 2002 I’ve seen the reserved few having an understanding of what one was.. the publishing of my thoughts and chronoligical bookmarks through my Watchcam Adventures , then social networking networks such as myspace and facebook and (the big one for… Read more →


So yea – The weekend bag packing raised a massive £1300 for Harrogate16th’s cubs. That’s ace. Since then I’ve been busy – Did a great photo shoot on Sunday for a friends band 601. Really pleased with the results – dragged them out to some brilliant locations including an ex silica quarry in the middle of the moors that was… Read more →


DO YOUR BIG SHOP SHOP… THIS SATURDAY! On Saturday 18th of October, Felix and I are working at ASDA Harrogate – bag packing. We (and a bunch of other cubs) are bag packing to raise funds for cubjam. If you’re planning some shopping over the weekend, do it at ASDA and do it between 0900 and 1600 and we’ll pack… Read more →

I did a big walk

I tried a walk last Sunday – a gorgeous walk. Not a circular walk – Eirene picked me up at the other end. We’d arranged a rendezvous but she randomly happened to be driving up the country lane that I was crossing near the rendezvous at the time. The route was pretty much all off road, all public right of… Read more →

Nicely random

Yesterday turned out to be nicely random. Started the day with a good old Methodist sing song at our local church – Grove Road. Felix’s cub troupe (is that the right collective noun for cubs?) were invited to make an offering in the traditional harvest festival service. Great Sermon. Underlying rabble rousing with a strong Yorkshire bent. I liked it…. Read more →


Congrats to Dave and Holly who became parents of a wee boy during the week. Archie. Top name. The boy’ll go far. So yesterday we went on a 5 miler withcubs. That was ace fun. A round trip out from Follyfoot (which I’d discovered is derived from “Foal Fight” as the village used to be the heart of ancient sport… Read more →

I’ve been here before

So this was quite an interesting thing to do.. I’ve visited the counties in yellow. Which counties have you visited? made by marnanel map reproduced from Ordnance Survey map data by permission of the Ordnance Survey. © Crown copyright 2001.