Congrats to Dave and Holly who became parents of a wee boy during the week. Archie. Top name. The boy’ll go far.

So yesterday we went on a 5 miler withcubs. That was ace fun. A round trip out from Follyfoot (which I’d discovered is derived from “Foal Fight” as the village used to be the heart of ancient sport of making horses fight each other), down to Spofforth and round.
Followed this with an epic bath sponsored by Lush. Bath bombs and scrubs in the rub a dub tub.
Last night we went round to a friends M&E’s (same initials as us!) house for eats. Our friend is a chef and she pulled out all the stops for the 6 of us. Starter of Cajun Salmon Steak, Main of a to-die-for Beef Burgionion finished off with the nicest home made sticky toffee pudding I’ve ever had. Muchos wine and laughs. A lovely evening. Thanks 🙂

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