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Yesterday turned out to be nicely random. Started the day with a good old Methodist sing song at our local church – Grove Road. Felix’s cub troupe (is that the right collective noun for cubs?) were invited to make an offering in the traditional harvest festival service. Great Sermon. Underlying rabble rousing with a strong Yorkshire bent. I liked it. Humour without the cheese, down to earth things to think about and I do like a good sing song.

More sing song followed – After that we headed into Leeds to the Carriage Works theatre to see a ‘Family Concert’ by a West African Quartet called Tamala (see press release) . This was ace. They whipped up a superb atmosphere, loads of audience participation (teaching us a couple of lines to repeat whilst they built a song round us as a choir). Some great rhythms and melodies totally un influenced by the stuff we’re used to.

After that we went for a slap up meal at one of Eirene’s favourite restaurants – Salvo’s in Headingley, Leeds. I had a calzone about the size of Belgium. It was ace. Eirene had similar, the kids tucked into Italian kids menu. Great value, superb authentic high quality stuff, friendly attentive quick service. It ticks all the boxes! I showed the kids my newly acquired skill of how to make a box from a sheet of paper.

Headed home, put the wee’ns to bed, I stuck on ‘The Tribe’ DVD – first 3 episodes – wow. Bruce Parry is the ultimate human being. Incredible to see footage of humans genuinely un touched by western worlds.

Righty. Food O’clock.

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    for cubs and scouts it’s actually *troop* (same as the military) – but for dancers and actors it is *troupe*.

    well, you did ask!

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