I did a big walk

I tried a walk last Sunday – a gorgeous walk. Not a circular walk – Eirene picked me up at the other end. We’d arranged a rendezvous but she randomly happened to be driving up the country lane that I was crossing near the rendezvous at the time. The route was pretty much all off road, all public right of way / bridal way from Harrogate thru Killinghall, Hampsthwaite, Birstwith, Darley onto Thornthwaite. It takes in some lovely sections of The Nidderdale Way and part of a walk I’d like to have a proper go at – The Dacre Walls Walk. It was a lovely day – warm but not too warm, not windy, perfect. I’d been craving a bit more of a distance for ages. (11 miles).

We ate some super nice for Aid 2 hospitals

After that we went to a fundraiser dinner in aid of ‘Aid 2 Hospitals worldwide’ An African / Asian banquet including some very traditional African stews and curries. Fantastic. Aid 2 Hospitals is a fantastic charity that makes so much sense. They take ‘old’ kit that UK hospitals are throwing out (in favour of newer version) and take it to deprived areas – such as Africa. Really heart warming. Our table had someone who’d just sailed round the world – fascinating stories to boot!

Played Tiger Woods 08

This weeks been nice. Reading, not much geocaching (‘stuck’ on 49) and a Tiger Woods 08 on the big screen golf night last night with friends.

I found a book – meaningful coincidence?

Ran out of book – ploughed through The Pear by John Steinbeck (stunning – left me feeling drained). Had some more booked that I thought I would read but hungered the hunt of a new book. Yesterday lunch hour I set out to Skipton to try and get the new Booker Prize winner – White Tiger. WH SMITHS told me they’d been sent the wrong batch and the independent bookshop didn’t have it in yet. Hurumph. Today I went to Colne in my lunch hour to try and find it.. The only book shop in Colne also didn’t have it. Hurumph MKII. Very randomly, on the high street, on top of a bin, there was a book. I looked around – not one looked like they’d lost it. It was in perfect condition so.. I though.. this must be my new book then. It’s called Then We Came to the End: A Novel by Joshua Ferris. No idea if it’s going to be any good but if feels like I’m supposed to read it having specifically gone out to get a book only to find one.

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