Blogging is soo 2004 – according to this Wired article. As someone who’s been blogging from the embrionic days of 2002 I’ve seen the reserved few having an understanding of what one was.. the publishing of my thoughts and chronoligical bookmarks through my Watchcam Adventures , then social networking networks such as myspace and facebook and (the big one for me) flickr has been a fascinating journey. I’ve bolted bits on to what started out as a steady stream of text and embraced new bits as they’ve come along such as Twitter (‘micro blogging’ – I’m sure I invented that phrase).

I’m been fascinated with the stats in the background – who is visiting, how are they getting here, where are they from.. Some utterly random stumble across visitors, some avid explorers of information.

One of the common reactions has allways been – “why do you do it?” – It’s as much for myself as anyone else. It’s a tool for documenting my life so I can free up memories for fresh thougt. Or something.

My fascination with communications technologies and networks wonders what will come next?

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