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Popped down to London for the weekend with Felix. Got the train down last night and so far today have had a Simon Spesh fry up that’s set us up nicely for a day of fun and activity. Going to the Science Museum – a fantastic place. Looking forward to a re-visit. Also hoping to go to Hamleys, the worlds… Read more →

Mowgli Cup

We’re so proud of our Felix. Yesterday was Harrogate’s 50th Annual Mowgli Cup – and Felix’s team WON! Every year for the past 50, Cub Troops from Harrogate have been battling their wits and intelect against each other to win the cup. 3 cubs from each pack are selected to form the team, in Felix’s case ’16th Harrogate’. 8 other… Read more →

Tim Ralph

If you’ve seen a fella dragging a tractor tyre round Harrogate recently – it’s probably a fella called Tim Ralph, an ex Fireman who’s just set off to Antarctica in his bid to climb Mount Vinson – the continents highest peak. He’ll be dragging all his kit with him (hence the tractor tyre training). Hats off to this chap –… Read more →

Hallo ween

One of these was made by a blind person, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Fun packed weekend and a half. I was streaming with a cold, which I tried to combat with pro fun. Managed until Monday. Friday – we chucked a Halloween fancy dress party. Got turntables and a PA, DJ’s beers, people, a FIRE outside. all really good fun…. Read more →