Hallo ween

Fun packed weekend and a half. I was streaming with a cold, which I tried to combat with pro fun. Managed until Monday.

Friday – we chucked a Halloween fancy dress party. Got turntables and a PA, DJ’s beers, people, a FIRE outside. all really good fun. There’s a bunch of photos here. The picture above is of some fantastic lanterns that Ali brought round. the bottom one was made by a blind person which I found a rather wonderful thing to behold.

Saturday – the long awaited Standford t20 cricket match. $20m for for winners. Which weren’t England. But we don’t like to talk about that.

Sunday – full on duvet day – a family lock-in. Lovely. Watched ‘Elf’ – a surprisingly enjoyable family film.

Last night watched the first 3 episodes of Lost season 4. Still loving it despite what people say! Quality drama. There now.

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