Gothic Culture who live off Ice Cream

So a few things of interest happened last night.

1./ I went out flyering and postering. I’m rather hoping that the fantom “rip down all of Katana’s posters” dosen’t strike. dropped off posters and flyers in several strategic locations.

2./ Went to the Blues Bar. Dan Webster was doing his ‘looping thing’ . It’s is fascinating to watch – I had ringside seat. He has a bank of peddle samplers which he riffs / sings / strums / synths into and sets up a 4 (?) bar loop with. He brings in and takes out bits to build up to a one man band like you’ve never heard before. This was his warm up act to the Birdman Rallies (ne Tigerbomb) which due to the pooness I was feeling, even though Dan’s warming was as warming as possible, I could not hang around. Oh yea – Simon (the landlord) has the same glasses as me. (slightly different colour) He’d argue that I’ve got the same glasses as him. The annoying this was that we did exactly the same thing 4 years ago with our last new glasses selection.

3./ Walking home I heard an incredible soundbite as I was walking past a bunch of jolly youngsters outside McDonalds (the American Embassy) : “The thing about Ripley is, All you’ve got to do is remember it’s a Gothic Culture who live off Ice Cream”. Marvelous.

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