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Fire Xmas 09

FIRE Christmas Bash ’09 photo set, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Just uploaded the photos from the FIRE Christmas bash of last Sunday. What a fantastico night it was. I love that venue and the crowd seems to like it as well! Top show from the venue organizing it so that we didn’t have to charge on the door – allowing… Read more →

FIRE Christmas bash

FIRE Christmas bash, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. That’s the FIRE line up sorted – Really looking forward to it. Two rooms of fun – yes, you can get on the guest list!


Sophie inc., originally uploaded by DragonDrop. We have all been ill at Dragondrop. I feared the worst on Friday and hit the panic button with Sophie as she was showing Swine Flu symptoms but turned out to be a B list flu. We all had a go on it over the course of the last 6 days. Not much fun…. Read more →

I have got a huge reading list at the mo…

I have got a huge reading list to plough through at the moment. Good for when (like now) insomnia rears its annoying head. Currently on with 'Moby Dick'. This is (so far, up to chapter 4) a great read and a deservedly proud holder of the 'all time classic' title.Just had an email from the free Amazon (or public lending… Read more →

Just got a new phone

Just got a new phone. A HTC Hero or G2 touch as its also called. So would I be able to blog from my new phone ? surely that must be a factor. The keyboard is quick enough, once you get used to it. Hardly any mistakes to go back on and the auto corrections and guess wording is good…. Read more →

Soleli Desert

Good friends of DragonDrop, Ali and Marcus have gone deep into jungles, high up on glaciers and far into deserts as they continue their way through South Amierica. Anyone who knows them and wants an update – get in touch! Here we see them in Soleli Desert, Bolivia.. NICE T-Shirt! That’ll be going in the gallery.

Autumn walk

autumn oak leaf, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. I’ve decided I quite like Autumn now that I recognise it as not just the bit between summer and winter. Just went out for a lovely walk – it was t-shirt weather – beautiful still day round Earby. Stunning colours on things like this oak leaf.


I’ll look back on this chunk of my life and sum it up in a single word – ‘busy’. It has been. Since the 8th (!) of October (my last blog) we’ve done all sorts. A gig, party, work, walk, several nice meals, couple of films and a couple of books. Film of note – ‘Together’. This subtitled world cinema… Read more →


Since my birthday I’ve been a busy badger (hence the lack of no bloggage for some time). Work has been ‘full on’. A main site relaunch and a new brand launch. Aside from that, every bit of downtime I’ve had has been away from computers. I’ve ploughed through one of my birthday books. “The Various Flavours of Coffee” by Antony… Read more →


Toot Toot – it’s my Happy Bockday Cake, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. What a brilliant birthday weekend I’ve just had. Started out on Saturday morning with some superb gifts from Eirene and the little people. Slippers, books and a large Tangine. A Moroccan ‘slow cook’ croc. I’d pointed out that I’d like one of these almost exactly 1 years before… Read more →


Pendle Hill from Sharp Haw, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Stopped off and did a superb walk on the way home last night. I was geocache hunting but the walk was the main event. There’s a hill called Sharp Haw that I spot every morning on the way to work and often think “I’d live to climb that.. I bet it’s… Read more →