This detox thing is going well. I decided to not drink or smoke or do anything stronger than caffeine for a month. Doing it more as a experiment of will power rather than for any particular health reasons. I’ve been really good, bar one emergency pint when a friend dropped his camera into Earby beck.. (it was a pint of mercy.) The last time I smoked was on New Years day.

‘Giving up’ smoking is not what I’m doing. I’m pausing. I’m going to start smoking again at 12:01, Feb 1st. Perhaps I wont, perhaps I will. If I can manage a month this year, then two months next year.. then in theory, I’ll of stopped smoking in about 12 years. Or I may just stop. It’s not been that bad really. It’s certainly shown me some technique in the art of wanting a ciggy bit riding the storm.

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    Matt – read Alan Carr before 1 Feb – get the ‘I might start again’ thing our of your head cos’ you’l have done all the hard work already (coq)

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