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Ten words

Those of you (like me) who flit between web pages, snatching a few words from each – this review site may be up your street. It’s a review site where visitors add content. Nothing groundbreaking there, but the rules are “just 10 words, no more, no less”. EG – (I’m quite proud of this one.. ) Yorkshire “Gods Own Country”… Read more →


Funny old day yesterday. The fish tank fell down in the bathroom. For years the trusty shelf that I made held fast. We had a professional job done on getting a nice shelf put up for my biorb tank, which unfortunately collapsed. The new fish (as yet to be photographed) didn’t make it, Gary the snail as well as Marvin… Read more →

India books

I seem to have developed a liking for books set (wholly, or in part) in India. Perhaps it’s the incredible diversity of the place where it’s culture, it’s people and religions saturate and permeate each other like no other place on Earth. Some of the notable titles on my ‘India List’ would be The Life of Pi (a book I… Read more →

Social networking

Social networking is a funny thing isn’t it? First (with the wave of the new definition at least) there was myspace which many (including myself) got bored with rather quickly what with the naff scripting and vampire biting nonsense. Flickr came along and with it, a vaccume was filled with it’s incredible offerings and functionality. I got into flickr, which… Read more →