You Got Nothing Coming, Notes from a prison fish

You Got Nothing Coming, Notes from a prison fish

Jimmy Lerner played down in one short paragraph within “You Got Nothing Coming – Notes From a Prison Fish”  a reference that he use to work in the opposite cube to the Dilbert creator Scott Adams. I’m not sure if he just didn’t want to make a biggy of it or not, or if he thought it insignificant. As anyone who’s worked in an office over the past 20 years will probably agree, although Dilbert isn’t real, he doesn’t half cut close to the bone sometimes. He highlights the oddities of a  thrust together bunch of miss fits with  their complex rules and cultures, their loopholes and quirks. Not totally unlike what Jimmy’s done with  the world of the Nevada Prison. Was it this immersion in exactly the same world that influenced Adams that created the chain of events that lead this Comms Marketeer to commit murder and end up in a high security jail in Nevada?
Like the last book I thoroughly rated; Shantaram, Notes from a Prison Fish is a memoirs book,  written in prison. A cracking book it is too. The character portraits are superb. Learning how he used his marketing wit and intellect coupled with lessons learned at training seminars, to get out of scrapes is fascinating and often hilarious. A tough hell hole, not entirely riddled with pure scum and villainy. Read as an anthropological essay, this book studies the hierarchy of the prison and it’s tribes beautifully.
A great read – well recommended.

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