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Social networking is a funny thing isn’t it? First (with the wave of the new definition at least) there was myspace which many (including myself) got bored with rather quickly what with the naff scripting and vampire biting nonsense.
Flickr came along and with it, a vaccume was filled with it’s incredible offerings and functionality. I got into flickr, which I still percieve to be th best on the market as it’s got a function rather than just to be a ‘social network’ (which reminds me – time to blat up a backlog of photos.. )
Facebook was the next big one – I was quite suprised that it snowballed into ‘the big one’ Overtaking myspace – I was suprised the whole world jumped ship. I’ve noticed that Facebook has changed recently. For a while now (after initial set-up, peaked interest, ebbed interest) I’d been bored of it but now, quite liking it again – thanks to the new layout whith it’s segmented notifications.
I’m currently prefering the simplicity of twitter. It strips out all the guff and lets you get on with social networking freeing up time to get on with the real world. It’s the one that takes the least time and does the most communication. Twitter’s ability to be in several places at the same time is interesting – I can text / web update and it appears on my facebook, my blog my twittersphere and (unfortunately not available in the UK anymore) as text messages to my US followers. It has detracted from the longer stream of conciousness though that has been the documenting force of my life (this blog) for the last 7 years now. The new stream of information from these quarters is more sporadic. Anyhoo – I’m off to network socially for a while. Yea.

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