I’m in Miami

I’m in America. At the Wyndham hotel near Miami airport to be specific (which I have to say is very nice, especially as I blagged a huge staff discount). First time I’ve been to the States. It feels so familiar yet quite surreal / confusing*.

Had a superb flight over. Had the full intercontinental British Airways Club World treatment (no, I didn’t pay!). From the minute I got to Manchester airport yesterday it’s been luxury. The lounges are superb, plied myself with comp booze and food, took advantage of a comp Shiatsu massage then luxuriated on the full length bed in the 747. Watched Frost / Nixon on the flight – a sedentary pace unfolded a portrayal of those two fascinating men. Only interruptions were snoozing and being fed fine food and champagne. Hard life. Arrived confused* but refreshed.

Went out last night for a few drinks down Ocean Drive / Washington Avenue. Ended up on Espaniola (I think?) Drive and found a lovely bar. Only downside has been getting stung on the drinks prices. The cheapest beer I think we found was about $5.

Back to the airport at lunchtime, next leg of adventure ahoy!

*My head seems to have discovered the base reset point of confusion. 31deg outside married with Jet lag, along with the feeling that it feels like I’m in a film due to all the American and Mexican accents, coupled with being here in general. All good though!

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