So much has happened since my last proper bloggage. Miami and Mexico visits were one. Stunning time, super hot, cool fun. Long Haul with beds – now that’s one of the highlights for me. Biz class BA does better airport chilling, Biz class American Airlines does better airoplane chilling (although BA does a fantastic job, but AA pipped it by giving out Bose Quiet Comfort 3 headphones)

Amazing 5 star hotel as well – the Aqua Cancun. 8 pools, loads of bars, restaurants, treatments, opulence. The final party on the last night involved 2 units borrowed from NASA to assit with the light show. You know when the shuttle is there on the launch pad at night? Massive things like that floodlit? The worlds brightest lights do that – about the size of a transit van each. Stick two of those with lenses and images in front of them and point them at a 10 story hotel.. amazing..

Anyhoo – nuff gloating..
Some pics here

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