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"The Ark" V1.0

"The Ark" V1.0, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. … “I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat”.. This sight made us all chuckle this morning.

Mini Bongo

Firstly – congrats to Mr and Mrs Bongo on the birth of their new baby girl! Welcome to the world Emily! x Last week I attempted to watch the cricket at Headingley with it’s new fancy pants drainage system that does not work.. “yet”. 3/4 million quid or there abouts could not stand up to a spot of rain. By… Read more →


For those that know them, Mrs Bongo of Mr. and Mrs. Bongo fame is about to have a baby any time now. Her waters have broken! Good luck the three of you! x

Charity Fun Day

I think we’re off to this tomorrow – Should be fun… CHARITY FUN DAY SUNDAY 17thMAY 2009 11am – 5pm LIVE MUSIC Hilarious  IT’S A KNOCKOUTCompetition To enter a team phone 0780 1097756 HOG ROAST Children’s Games Something for all the family ENTRY ONLY £5  PER CAR!!! Pedestrians Free!!!  No. 36 Bus stops right outside Every penny goes to registered… Read more →

Sponsor Henry

Sponsor Henry! Good friend of DragonDrop Henry is doing some silly volumes of running in aide of Unicef and the Gaza children’s fund. He ran the Leeds half marathon (pt1) last weekend, This weekend he’s doing the Marlborough Downs challenge (pt2) which is an Ultra marathon on Saturday – 33miles. At the end of the month he’s running the Edinburgh… Read more →

The Philosopher’s Apprentice

What a remarkable book “The Philosopher’s Apprentice” by James Morrow is. Not to be perturbed by it’s rather docile cover illustration which conjured up a in my mind something between chick lit and a kids book I was captivated by the time I’d finished the first few pages. Until reading this book, I was, in the diction of a philosopher… Read more →

Google Latitude

Just installed latitude on my phone. It’s a thing that works out my (mobile phone’s) position via triangulation of signal from phone masts, or GPS (which I have on my phone). I’ve gone for the city wide only view (so that strangers don’t know my exact position but the personal version allows you to see where you friends are at… Read more →


It’s… Links: FIRE website Facebook event page Doors open about 9.30. See you there!