The Philosopher’s Apprentice

The Philosopher's Apprentice book cover
What a remarkable book “The Philosopher’s Apprentice” by James Morrow is.

Not to be perturbed by it’s rather docile cover illustration which conjured up a in my mind something between chick lit and a kids book I was captivated by the time I’d finished the first few pages.

Until reading this book, I was, in the diction of a philosopher Tabla rasa, or without knowledge of most of the base concepts of philosophy.

In the essence of something akin to TV’s ‘LOST’ the environment of a seemingly uninhabited tropical island was the stage. Further to the LOST setting, the story unfurled several of the islands oddities and secrets as the young Philosophy drop out set about his task of giving an amnesic girl on the island a Moral Compass.

Darwin verses the rest of the world played a strong part in the sub plot to this book, where the author draws on examples, exercises and anecdotes from the world of phillosophica and without thinking too hard, I’d gathered a great insight into ‘the best bits’ of some of the greats – Aristotle, Socrates, Plato and Epicurus as well as some of the more up to date great thinkers such as Heidegger and Leibniz. 20th Century heads such as Kierkegaard and Nietzsche also had quite a chunk of beutifully crafted ink dedicated to their cause. Some of the basic (but fascinating) principals of philosophy were also quite neatly woven into the take – things such as Rationalism, Stoicism and a bunch of other ism’s to boot. I’d say – if you like the sound of a fantastic un-putdownable book that’s expanding your knowledge of Philosophical thinking without being a dullard brain ache, get it got!

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