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Firstly – congrats to Mr and Mrs Bongo on the birth of their new baby girl! Welcome to the world Emily! x

Last week I attempted to watch the cricket at Headingley with it’s new fancy pants drainage system that does not work.. “yet”. 3/4 million quid or there abouts could not stand up to a spot of rain. By 11, the sun had elbowed it’s way through the clouds and was set for the rest of the day. By mid afternoon the pitch was still waterlogged. By 3, they abondoned the match to the amazement and boo’s of the crowd.  I’m wondering / suspecting if we’d of had play had there be no fancy pants new system. Anyway.

The weekend involved a bit of geocaching on Saturday – just a Dada and Jaygo mission,  then a lot of geocaching on Sunday. Some gorgeous walks and views around Chelker, then around the village of Nessfield. Stunning views across Wharefedale from both walks. They had both been set out as a ‘series’  so you find one cache, then the next and so on – both circular walks, both about 2 hours, both beautiful. Other than that, bits of cooking, lots of reading and sleeping. Today we went and had a morning down by the river near Birstwith. Forecast said nice morning, followed by dull afternoon so we made the most of it.
Righty – I’m off to put Sophie Pi to bed now. What story?

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