Hammock and Fancy Dan

hammock, originally uploaded by DragonDrop.

The sun was shining this weekend and it felt like proper summer which inspired me to do summery things. On Saturday I was lucky enough to be able to spend all afternoon in my hammock. It’s 6’ off the ground (so that tigers and that can’t get me easily if I have a nod) and I’d stocked it with the following items; water, LW radio (for the cricket), a good book a phone and me. Pretty blissful. Eirene went out to a friends birthday party on the evening, I had my old amigo paintMonkey over and we proceeded to play Tiger Woods 08 on the Wii. I won.

We invented a new late night snack. Based on “The Fancy Dan” (cracker, cheese, jam, freshly ground black pepper), we came up with a winning snack with a winning name – “The Fancy Dante’s Inferno”. (cracker, cheese (blue), piri-piri relish, lee n perrins, black pepper).

Inspired by cheese and rum, we enthused about the idea of a bike ride / geocaching adventure the next morning. I planned a lovely 10 mile route that took in 4 geocaches. Splendid bike ride – got to proper off road and everything. The afternoon we all headed round to a BBQ at a friends house which wrapped up a wholly nice weekend. Heard of a small festival near Harrogate next weekend which I’m going to look into..

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